Tips for Writing the Master’s Dissertation

With these attitudes it will be easier to achieve the long-awaited title

Writing the master’s dissertation is usually pointed out by the students as one of the most troubled moments of the master’s degree. The text is one of the requirements for approval of the degree. For this, the dissertation must meet the established requirements for a scientific production.

Knowing how to write a master’s thesis and dissertation is something that is learned slowly and requires dedication and discipline. It is not always easy to keep up with the pace of work and whoever leaves to finish at the top of the hour may not achieve the desired result. So check out the tips for writing a master’s dissertation that we separate.

Write every day

Master theses usually have more than 150 pages. Now, imagine writing them down, paying attention to every detail, in a short time? This is not really ideal. To avoid disruption, write every day. The indicated one is at least 200 words daily at the beginning of the master’s degree. As the course progresses, production tends to increase, even by the level of knowledge on the subject that expands.

Create a study and writing routine

To write every day you will need to create a well-defined study and writing routine. If you need to reconcile your master’s degree with other activities, set timetables for post-graduate dedication. There are people who prefer to study in the morning other than at night. Another important factor is the place of study. A good choice are places with few distractions, quiet and organized. Good music to study also helps create the conditions most conducive to learning.

Set a date to finish your dissertation

Before the deadline, set your date to finalize the dissertation. From that time, set other dates for completion of the sections or chapters. Even though it is a date of its own, it is important to strive to deliver the text in advance to the advisor and components of the bank to analyze. So, do not let time go by and create your calendar.

Keep an eye on ABNT

ABNT rules can take any student seriously. Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) has an infinity of norms for scientific productions. Despite the high quantity, there are some ABNT rules that every student should know.

The adequacy of the text to ABNT norms should happen from the master dissertation project. The evaluators are usually very strict, so all care is little. Currently there are applications that adjust the texts according to ABNT, which facilitates the work of the student.

Save the files in different media

Technology really makes life easier for students. That is an undeniable fact. But, it is not perfect and problems may appear unexpectedly. Not infrequently are those who lose texts saved only on the computer, or on a pendrive that has been lost or stolen. To avoid problems, save the files in the cloud, on your computer and have a pendrive with all the information of your dissertation.